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JoshStrobl, Sun, Nov 12


Below is the minimum set of tasks that should be address prior to the release of Solus 4. This isn't in any particular order:

GUI Lovelies

  • Budgie 10.4.1
  • Visual refresh of MATE
    • New GTK theme (Adapta?)
    • Adapt mate-notification-theme-slate to chosen GTK theme
    • New Brisk Menu release


  • T4901 Improve NVIDIA GL/EGL situation
    • Needed for Wayland
  • T1223 Nautilus: Windows Network discovery results in error
    • Because it'll annoy @JoshStrobl if he doesn't get it done
  • T84 Hotspot not working

Software Center

  • T4043 Update button in package details
  • T4776 Software Centre new updates message

Stack Upgrades

  • T4131 NetworkManager
  • Perl
  • Pulseaudio 11
  • Python 2
  • Python 3

Architectural thingies

  • Convert Solus projects (branding, etc) to meson because autotools is hell.
  • Land usysconf to nuke most of COMAR
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Is KDE iso expected? :)

I was wondering the same thing, I really hope so :)

Should be ready. I've been testing plasma ISO, and other than couple of issues, it has been excellent. Lacks an installer tough.

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I think these two should be added too:

And also another one for all the unbreak now tasks (or almost).

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