Improve NVIDIA GL/EGL situation
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ikey, Mon, Oct 30


Just tracking this for myself so I don't forget tomorrow..

  • Investigate plausibility of libglvnd. Would love to drop the filesystem butchery we currently do
  • Figure out what to do about NVIDIA xorg extension (private directory + custom xorg config line..?)
  • Drop filesystem butchery from LDM
  • Add egl-streams / wayland-egl components to enable NVIDIA+Wayland support
  • Make xrandr calls PRIME centric in LDM
  • Once all this is done, start working towards step 2, improved optimus support
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If you need some testing done give me a call

Same here, would love to test.

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@ikey I was curious what your thoughts were on EGL-Streams. I know that KWin has refused to support them. Will that affect Budgies move to Qt?

blog post:

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