Move webkit1 dependencies to webkit2
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In an effort to deprecate webkit1 from the repository, the following programs need to be rebuilt against webkit2 and tested :-

  • anoise
  • There is some indication from git activity that the developer will move to webkit2 soonTM.
  • liferea
  • webkit2 support has been available since 1.12rc1, 1.12 has been released and is now in the repo.
  • uzbl
  • webkit2 support is available in git from the next branch. Requires python-wheel to be packaged.
  • variety
  • webkit1 is only required for registering for the service, since the service has shut down, the webkit1 rundep is not required.
  • midori
  • possible by moving to cmake and the -DHALF_BRO_INCOM_WEBKIT2=ON build flag
  • xiphos
  • possible with the --enable-webkit2 build flag

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uzbl is the last blocker for this, it's just not working probably. Waiting for a new release, or stabilised git support.

edit: Or even... temporary deprecation *gasp*

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Will reevaluate uzbl at the start of next year. If it doesn't have good webkit2 support by then, it will be (temporarily) deprecated.

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anoise added to the list, very unfortunate.