Upgrade GNOME Stack to 3.26 series
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With the announcement and availability of GNOME 3.26, I know we'll be informed about the upgrade. This task is more of a PSA that yes, we are aware of the new release of the GNOME Stack and have the fullest intentions on upgrading once we deem it to be ready for inclusion. As has occurred with our previous GNOME stack upgrades, this will be either with .1 or .2 releases, so immediate release issues are ironed out by upstream.

Upon these, I'll happily upgrade our GNOME Stack and collaborate with @ikey on ensuring Budgie Desktop works with 3.26 components such as Mutter.

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Go away Herald.

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So .1 or .2 will be offered as a stable upgrade, but will today's release of 3.26.0 be offered through the unstable repos (either today or in the coming days)?

Any plan to fix Samba within this release?

@livingsilver94 That's a completely separate item.

@Vistaus No.

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waiting for .1 or .2 is a good Idea, Bleeding edge is good, However I would be very careful with Gnome. Will wait till .1 or .2 is released in a few weeks. So far happy with Budgie 10.4 and Gnome 3.24 Application stack.

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