Support driverless printing
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Add support for so-called "driverless" printing that autofetches CUPS drivers, without the need for us to package up a billion PPD files, like
the ones we can't distribute.

Also investigate if this bails us out of the sorry mess of Brother drivers

Edit: Also add because popey said so. (USB printer attached to Solus box and print from a phone. yay)

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UPDATE: D809 is a per-requisite because there is a dependency with the cups.service and the current package doesn't have it.

I think driverless printing should already work and it shouldn't be hard to setup since D530 was already rolled out.

Here are the basic instructions to configure it:

Make sure the printer is turned on and connected to the computer 😉

Make sure to enable cups-browsed if not already done:
sudo systemctl enable cups-browsed.service

Edit the file /ect/cups/cups-browsed.conf and uncomment one of these lines:
CreateIPPPrinterQueues driverless
CreateIPPPrinterQueues All

Start or restart the service:
sudo systemctl restart cups-browsed

Check the existence of the queue with:
lpstat -t (the device-uri should begin ipp:// or most likely usb:// for usb printers)

Check the queue options with:
lpoptions -p <queue_name> -l

Could anyone try this please ?