Nautilus: Windows Network discovery results in error
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I did a fresh install of Solus. When opening nautilus -> other locations -> windows network I get following error message:

"Unable to access location - Failed to retrieve list from server: No such file directory"

In previous versions I could browse through my network shares. Even the connect button in the lower right corner is always disabled. No matter what I set in the server adress textbox.

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I'll be setting up Samba on my local server early next week to validate and fix this. Marking self as assignee and considering this a high-priority issue.

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@JoshStrobl I was looking at my journal in plasma (for things I might need to fix), A couple of things came up r.e. samba that may be useful.

kf5.kio.core: We got some errors while running 'net usershare info'
kf5.kio.core: "Failed to init messaging context\n"
kf5.kio.core: "mkdir failed on directory /var/lock/samba: Permission denied\nFailed to init messaging context\n"

Which lead me to this patch as a potential fix for something relevant to the "Failed to init messaging context" :

But the lock dir appears to be in addition to that issue.